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VoIP Security

In the olden days, to stop someone making calls on your phone you simply put a small padlock device into the rotary dial … and this stopped all but the most determined of “hackers” from running up your phone bill.



These days, life is so much more complicated.  With the benefits and strengths of VoIP also come risks and weaknesses.  Your phone bill is a the mercy of your network security and someone getting access to your account to make thousands of pounds worth of calls could be because you’ve used a simple, easy to remember password, or because of an exploit elsewhere in your network.

With Fido, we take security and fraud very seriously.  We have a number of anti fraud checks in place on our systems which not only monitor for unusual activity, but also stop it dead in its tracks so you don’t end up being billed for calls you didn’t make.

Through our VoIP control panel, you can define the maximum cost per minute you’re prepared to pay for a call, as well as the maximum spend you authorise in a day and the maximum number of calls per second you expect to make.  All of this works to stop the fraudsters in their tracks, even if they have managed to compromise your account through a back door, trojan or other slip.


But that’s what happens if/when the inevitable happens.  We also work hard to ensure that this never happens!  We implement TLS security on connections so a hacker can’t sniff your local network and find your SIP login details, we also operate sophisticated network monitoring that detects brute force attacks as they happen and blocks them to protect your account as well as the server and other customer accounts (if they’re trying to hack one account, you can bet they’ll try to hack all of them).


If you are interested in finding out more about how we take your security seriously, contact Fido today and talk to one of our experienced consultants about how we can move your voice onto our 21CN secure network.

Fido.Net’s team of experienced engineers and management have been working in the internet industry since its inception in the UK back in 1992. Jon Morby, the founder and owner of Fido.Net originally started in IT as far back as 1982, and was one of the UK (and Europe’s) main importers of both email and echomail for the fidonet network of amateur bulletin boards, running the Internet gateway from 1985 through to 1994. Jon Morby - founder of Fido.Net. Although enjoying a successful career in Stock Broking working out of the Birmingham Stock Exchange, Jon felt the real future was in the Internet; and after some persuasion by Demon’s then Managing Director Cliff Stanford, Jon joined Demon Internet Ltd, initially responsible for their Birmingham Point of Presence (PoP) from 1993 to 1995 and then moving to London to supervise Demon’s growing technical support team. By the time Jon finally left Demon in January 2000 he was their Advanced Technologies Manager responsible for managing the development and implementation of the next generation systems which Scottish Telecom (now Thus PLC) and Demon would be rolling out over the next 3-5 years – a far cry from his original days running a support desk of 5 staff! Fido.Net’s senior staff have had a grounding in the Internet with the majority of them having worked for ISP’s such as Demon Internet, EasyNet and other main stream UK Service Providers, as well as some of the first large Internet Portals (including online trading experts The Interactive Investor, and the not so successful

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