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How will the Games affect you in 2012?

There are now less than 2,012 hours until the start of the London Olympics

Have you considered how your business will cope during the Olympics? Whether you’re in London, on or near one of the Olympic venues, or just whether you employ staff who may want to spend the day watching the event – have you considered the impact the Olympics are going to have on your business and productivity during July and August this year?
From the 14th July to the 15th August there are going to be special restrictions in place for everything from flying in the UK to deliveries and commuting. Staff are going to want to take days off to either visit London to see an event, or stay home and watch it on the TV – especially if Britain does well, or maybe even just if the weather is warm and sunny – BBQ Olympic parties are already being planned.
How will you cope if your workforce are unable (or just unwilling) to get into the office, for a whole month? Do you have the ability for them to work effectively from home if they need to? Do you have any contingency plans in place? If not, now is the time to be thinking about, and DOING something about it! There are less than 150 days to go!
FidoNet have years of experience in remote worker solutions. We can provide year round disaster recovery or remote worker solutions which will mean you and your staff can be in the office, even when you’re not so productivity need not be affected.
Forget the Olympics for a minute though, how will you cope if there is another snow storm like last year (or the one at the beginning of this year?). Can you cope with another week of half empty offices, and half empty sales figures?
We can provide your staff with a single unified desktop, email and telephone solution which they can access from anywhere (we have some customers who’s second office is by the pool in Spain, and their clients never realise!)

Fido.Net’s team of experienced engineers and management have been working in the internet industry since its inception in the UK back in 1992. Jon Morby, the founder and owner of Fido.Net originally started in IT as far back as 1982, and was one of the UK (and Europe’s) main importers of both email and echomail for the fidonet network of amateur bulletin boards, running the Internet gateway from 1985 through to 1994. Jon Morby - founder of Fido.Net. Although enjoying a successful career in Stock Broking working out of the Birmingham Stock Exchange, Jon felt the real future was in the Internet; and after some persuasion by Demon’s then Managing Director Cliff Stanford, Jon joined Demon Internet Ltd, initially responsible for their Birmingham Point of Presence (PoP) from 1993 to 1995 and then moving to London to supervise Demon’s growing technical support team. By the time Jon finally left Demon in January 2000 he was their Advanced Technologies Manager responsible for managing the development and implementation of the next generation systems which Scottish Telecom (now Thus PLC) and Demon would be rolling out over the next 3-5 years – a far cry from his original days running a support desk of 5 staff! Fido.Net’s senior staff have had a grounding in the Internet with the majority of them having worked for ISP’s such as Demon Internet, EasyNet and other main stream UK Service Providers, as well as some of the first large Internet Portals (including online trading experts The Interactive Investor, and the not so successful

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