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Connecting to Fido Talk

Ok, so you’ve signed up for FidoTalk from FidoNet and now have your login details, but you’re not quite sure what to do with them!

Simple .. no really it is ūüôā

Get your favourite SIP device and point a web browser at the admin interface

You will be prompted for various bits of information, most of which you can actually safely ignore. ¬†What you’re looking for is the bit that says “Registrar” which is “” and then a bit that says username / password. ¬†These are the bits you’ve been given in your signup email. ¬†Usually, the username is your phone number, and the password is a stupidly long collection of random characters that we generate (it has to be like this for security).

If you’re on a static IP address and want the added protection of only allowing connections to your SIP login from your fixed location then please let us know so that we can “wrap” your account to that IP address for added security. ¬†If your ISP doesn’t offer static IP, or if they want to charge extra for it then think about moving to Fido Broadband. ¬†Static IP is included as standard, and we also offer a QoS (Quality of Service) guarantee to customers who are on our Broadband service!


If you’re being a NAT (most people are with ADSL) then you can configure your SIP device to use STUN which will help with NAT Traversal and ALGs and all sorts of wonderous technical wizardry – simply specify your STUN server as “” too.

Here are some screen shots from different phones to help you find what you’re looking for!



[rehabtab title=”Siemens/GigaSet”]

Gigaset DECT


[rehabtab title=”Cisco”]

On the newer Cisco phones, you only need to modify a handful of settings from the factory default

Cisco SPA Handset


[rehabtab title=”Grandstream”]

GXP 2000


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