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How to beat the network blues!

We saw it again last week, BT have a major network issue in one of their POPs and half of the UK goes on an enforced 4 hour lunch break because no-one can get any work done.

What can you do to overcome this?  Well we all know Broadband is not intended for mission critical, business intensive applications.  Broadband is a consumer product plain and simple.  It has no real SLA (4 day fix, that’s not really viable for business!) but everyone still uses Broadband for their office because it is so cheap.

What are the alternatives?  Well an ethernet service or leased line has real guarantees (with teeth), 4 hour guaranteed fix, low latency guarantees, packet loss guarantees and more – but for most small to medium sized businesses paying £750 per month isn’t an option when you can get broadband for £25 per month.

When your broadband goes down you’re basically left with an unconnected office and that feeling that you’ve suddenly done a “hot tub time machine” trip back into the 80’s when everyone wore fluorescent pink leggings and sweat bands! (oh and there was no Internet!).

You can of course go out and get a 3G dongle from a.n.other network provider (3, O2, Everything Everywhere, etc) but your office’s day to day functionality becomes seriously limited as SSL sessions die mid browse, your guys who are on the road are suddenly unable to connect back into the office or access your local Exchange/SBS server, VPNs fail, and you’ve manage to creep from 1986 to 1992 .. but you’re still running at 10% efficiency.

There is an answer however!  Using a Fido 3G SIM in your dongle/router coupled with your Fido Broadband service and you’re still connected to the same network as before BT failed, with the same IP addresses, the same SSL tunnels all still working perfectly and your external agents are still able to connect to your internal mail server (so business carries on trucking!).

Starting at just £15 per month with a one off setup fee of £50 (data charges apply) your office stays connected even when the BT Exchange is on fire and half of the world are contemplating listening to Simon Le Bon and Adam Ant in the local pub waiting for the dark ages to pass.

IP continuity, business continuity, peace of mind – all from just £15 per month plus VAT.  Can you afford not to?

Fido.Net’s team of experienced engineers and management have been working in the internet industry since its inception in the UK back in 1992. Jon Morby, the founder and owner of Fido.Net originally started in IT as far back as 1982, and was one of the UK (and Europe’s) main importers of both email and echomail for the fidonet network of amateur bulletin boards, running the Internet gateway from 1985 through to 1994. Jon Morby - founder of Fido.Net. Although enjoying a successful career in Stock Broking working out of the Birmingham Stock Exchange, Jon felt the real future was in the Internet; and after some persuasion by Demon’s then Managing Director Cliff Stanford, Jon joined Demon Internet Ltd, initially responsible for their Birmingham Point of Presence (PoP) from 1993 to 1995 and then moving to London to supervise Demon’s growing technical support team. By the time Jon finally left Demon in January 2000 he was their Advanced Technologies Manager responsible for managing the development and implementation of the next generation systems which Scottish Telecom (now Thus PLC) and Demon would be rolling out over the next 3-5 years – a far cry from his original days running a support desk of 5 staff! Fido.Net’s senior staff have had a grounding in the Internet with the majority of them having worked for ISP’s such as Demon Internet, EasyNet and other main stream UK Service Providers, as well as some of the first large Internet Portals (including online trading experts The Interactive Investor, and the not so successful

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