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An alternative to Office 365?

Advanced WebmailAn alternative to Office 365?

Ok, so Microsoft are dropping one of their most successful Business Products and forcing everyone to move to Office 365 if they wish to keep “Hosted Exchange” email. I can see the logic behind this from their perspective, but they’re alienating a big chunk of the market who do not want to host their emails with Microsoft (or Google for that matter).

What are the alternatives? The more traditional services which we all know and love include IMAP and POP3 as standard. Some companies are offering Hosted Exchange but with Microsoft trying to corner the market with Office 365 it remains to be seen how long these Hosted Exchange companies will be able to survive and be competitive. Microsoft have recently increased their Service Provider Licensing fees by up to 30% to “level the market place” which is all very well, but they’re selling to end users at the same prices which leaves little or no room for these providers to make a margin. How else can you get all the features of Exchange with collaboration, Shared Calendars, Shared Contacts, Push Email and more?

FidoNet has long been a bastion of independent email hosting, and has been offering Fido Apps for more than 3 years providing non Microsoft collaborative hosting services which are fully compatible with Outlook (including Outlook 2013!) and provide push email to ActiveSync enabled devices.

Web Based CalendarWith prices starting from just £1.35 per month for a Basic account with a 10GB mailbox this is seriously competitive too!

In addition to ActiveSync / Mobile support, Collaboration, CalDAV, CardDAV and iCal support there are also options to enable integration to popular CRM solutions including SugarCRM and Salesforce.

FidoNet have been providing Cloud based hosting services since 2001 (before anyone was talking about “Cloud” in computing terms!) and with our knowledge and expertise (and more than 1 million mailboxes hosted) we are the name you can trust with your mission critical data.

All plans include basic spam filtering and anti virus protection, and in addition, with our Premium level service, we include Advanced Spam Filtering based on the proprietary SpamCloud technology in association with Spam Experts.

Looking to upgrade / replace your existing in house email systems? Now is the time to talk to FidoNet and look to move your IT into the Cloud. Fast, reliable and secure!

For more information contact our sales team today on 0800 920 2000 or email to request a call back.



Fido.Net’s team of experienced engineers and management have been working in the internet industry since its inception in the UK back in 1992. Jon Morby, the founder and owner of Fido.Net originally started in IT as far back as 1982, and was one of the UK (and Europe’s) main importers of both email and echomail for the fidonet network of amateur bulletin boards, running the Internet gateway from 1985 through to 1994. Jon Morby - founder of Fido.Net. Although enjoying a successful career in Stock Broking working out of the Birmingham Stock Exchange, Jon felt the real future was in the Internet; and after some persuasion by Demon’s then Managing Director Cliff Stanford, Jon joined Demon Internet Ltd, initially responsible for their Birmingham Point of Presence (PoP) from 1993 to 1995 and then moving to London to supervise Demon’s growing technical support team. By the time Jon finally left Demon in January 2000 he was their Advanced Technologies Manager responsible for managing the development and implementation of the next generation systems which Scottish Telecom (now Thus PLC) and Demon would be rolling out over the next 3-5 years – a far cry from his original days running a support desk of 5 staff! Fido.Net’s senior staff have had a grounding in the Internet with the majority of them having worked for ISP’s such as Demon Internet, EasyNet and other main stream UK Service Providers, as well as some of the first large Internet Portals (including online trading experts The Interactive Investor, and the not so successful

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